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Do's and Don'ts

Do: Engage attendees: Tell them how adorable their dog is, stand in front of your booth, actively approaching people.
Don't: Sit behind your table all day, waiting for attendees to approach you for information.

Do: Use your phone for sale transactions ONLY if you have square or any other paying softwares.
Don't: Use your phone to browse the internet or play games. This will deter attendees from engaging with you.

Do: Try to bring someone to help you run your booth. Running a booth isn't a one man job; when you have to step away from the restroom break or to eat lunch, your organization misses potential clients. Also, no one is there to watch your inventory/belongings/animals.
Don't: Run your booth alone.

Do: Take advantage of our Exhibitor Lounge! People naturally don't want to disturb exhibitors when they're eating.
Don't: Eat at your booth. By eating at your booth, you're basically shutting it down for your lunch break.

Do: Inform Show management of any issues you've noticed or experienced throughout the day. We are there for the well being of our Exhibitors and Attendees!
Don't: Keep show-related problems to yourself.

Do: Have attention grabbing decorations, enthusiasm and smiles! Just like with any other marketing, the keys is to get the attendee's attention.
Don't: Have a boring, unfriendly, or uninviting booth space.

Do: Bring a nice, Professional printed banner to replace your ID tag. It is a great marketing tool for your brand identity. If you do not have a banner or sign please give us a call about one of our promotional packages. You get to keep be sign and banner after the event!
Don't: Use the ID sign as a banner.

Do: Market to our attendees year round! This event is a 365 year marketing campaign with the potential to make your investment back right away. We're happy to help with other ideas and activities to capture this active and engaged audience all year long.
Don't: Assume the event is just for the weekend.

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